Wake Up Smiling: 40 Devotions for a Hope-Filled Life

Wake Up Smiling: 40 Devotions for a Hope-Filled Life


Before you open your eyes or say a word each morning, a few precious moments have the potential to place you on the pathway of peace and hope. Make these seconds count. They are more important than you can even imagine!

In Wake Up Smiling, Audrey shares her very personal journey of taking three simple Bible verses and believing them in a way that some may say is outrageous. Living heaven on earth has become very real for her, and every morning she wakes up with hope. If you are ready to live, dream, and experience freedom from worry and fear, Jesus really is as close as the mention of His name. He is waiting to share His secrets with those who will abandon all and say, I am ready. 

God has a recipe for hope for you. It is practical, it will turn your life around, and it starts as you wake up.

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Editorial Reviews


Who doesn't like a smile? Whether it's from a child or your best friend, everyone loves a smile. Wake Up Smiling by Audrey Meisner is a wonderful book. You might just Wake Up Smiling as a lifelong habit after reading through this daily devotional. Allow Audrey to take you by the hand and show you her discoveries. You'll learn the secrets of maintaining your peace no matter what surrounds you and how to keep your Joy-Light switched on. And when people ask you, Why do you wake up smiling? tell them about this book! You better buy a few, because you'll want to share it with your friends. Enjoy the next forty days of your joyous journey into finding your smile again!
Dr. Brian Simmons, The Passion Translation Project

It has been over twelve years since we personally witnessed Audrey experience a dramatic breakthrough when she completely received the beautiful forgiveness of Jesus. It was tangible and real. Since that moment when she threw off the cloak of shame, she has not looked back. We prayed for her that night in her parents living room, and since then we have seen her walk in an authority of joy and freedom that is contagious and miraculous. You can t help but smile and receive practical strategy as you follow the journey to happiness that Audrey has walked and laid out here in this book. Read every page of Wake Up Smiling. It will help you see how much you were created for new levels of breakthrough! --Dr. Don and Mary Colbert, New York Times best-selling authors

Audrey's writing and her ministry are real, raw, and honest. The truths in her book, Wake Up Smiling, will help others held in captivity find their freedom. The healing in her journey with God will give so many their own pathways. If you are looking to be challenged and set free, this book is for you!
Matthew and Caroline Barnett, founders of the Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA
Practical and powerful, Wake up Smiling reflects Audrey's authenticity and zest for life. Each chapter is packed with doable strategies for joyful living. Audrey inspires us to allow the peace of God to rule in our hearts no matter the circumstances. What a timely message for a weary world! This is the type of book that you will turn to again and again for encouragement and renewed hope. --Deborah Smith Pegues, best-selling author of 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue best-selling author of 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue

Audrey's book, Wake Up Smiling, is not just a daily devotional. It is a training manual with practical steps to living a hope-filled life. She leaves nothing hidden as she shares with vulnerability and openness about her own journey to personal victory. She combines her story with biblical truth to make this a very powerful read. We highly recommend diving into this book and letting your life be impacted daily by the truth of her message. As Audrey says, Let us make a choice to line up with heaven and live in hope every day.
Steve and Wendy Backlund, Bethel Church, Redding, CA, and founders of Igniting Hope Ministries
Anyone who meets Audrey is instantly caught up in her zest for life, her love for Jesus, and the contagious joy she emanates. So I read her new book, Wake Up Smiling, with great anticipation, knowing I would be encouraged. But I found so much more. In this book she shares hard-earned wisdom that is made easily accessible and can be practically applied. Her passion will inspire you, and her story of grace will disarm you from any dread of the future so that every day you can confidently Wake up Smiling. --Judith Crist, Lead Pastor, Hillsong, Phoenix

About the Author

Audrey Meisner is a best-selling author, speaker, TV host of the popular Canadian TV show My New Day, and founder of Love Married Life®. Written alongside her husband Bob, their book Marriage Under Cover presents the message of God s hope after adultery and has saved thousands of marriages. Audrey's book Like Yourself, Love Your Life speaks to true beauty and freedom from shame. Audrey has a doctorate in ministry, and her heartfelt message to women is to combat self-destructive thoughts of regret and shame and receive and display God's unconditional love, forgiveness, and smile on their lives. Together, Bob and Audrey specialize in helping marriages build and maintain phenomenal love. They have four children and live in Phoenix, Arizona. To learn more about Audrey, visit bobandaudrey.com.