eBook - The Gift of a New Day

eBook - The Gift of a New Day


Anticipate waking up each morning with peace in your heart, excitement for your day and hope for your future.

God loves to make things new. Your life and future has the potential to capture the hope, peace and joy that you've been longing for. It starts right now, and it begins with your DAILY PLAN.

Most people struggle with the same problems over and over again throughout their life. If you are ready to make changes once and for all - you will discover solutions in this book that will: 

  • Unlock the door to permanent heart transformation
  • Give you the resources to develop a daily plan 
  • Identify your personal motivation style
  • Inspire you to discover what you really want
  • Impart the necessary tools to edit your thoughts 
  • Unleash the resources to capture your lost dreams

You make choices all day long - so determining and deciding ahead of time - you will direct your life, rather than living by default. 

Begin to live every day with intention and purpose and look forward to a future overflowing with all the things you want. The simple yet profound truth is right in front of you - and every answer you've needed is discovered through your life in God.

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