We Want to Help You Love Married Life.


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We want to create easy and accessible tools for you so you can have healthy right relationships. Through podcasts, youtube, books, weekly emails and relationship eCourses, we've created a variety of mediums to have healthy right relationships and ultimately loving your life with God. 


Marriage Intensive

Relationship consulting



Free ebook

My Communication Goals is a concise and clear description of the four communication goals, laid out in a way that you will quickly recognize your own patterns, and then receive understanding to why you react and respond the way you do!  


Relationship eCourse

By Drs. Bob and Audrey Meisner

By the time you have completed our “Great Marriage Start Here” ecourse, you can expect to have a plan for life-long love: Weekly habits that nurture each other’s greatest needs and strategy to live in your personal customized fight-free-zone.  

Look forward to laughing together, ending painful cycles and gaining the skills to help other couples.


Marriage intensive

You are officially invited to our Love Married Life Intensive to be held in Carefree, Arizona.  It’s a four-day / three-night relationship adventure, and includes accommodation, lunches and about 36 hours of experiences, carefully designed to understand yourself and your spouse a lot better.  

If you have a great marriage, you will discover unstoppable dreams and intimacy! If your relationship is troubled, this marriage intensive will provide you with a road map for repair. Highest return on investment.


Watch Bob & Audrey's Testimony


For more videos, visit Bob and Audrey's Youtube Channel


Relationship consulting

with Drs. Bob and Audrey Meisner

We offer five formats of coaching to accommodate every couple’s schedule and budget. Regardless of what format you choose, we are confident that you and your spouse will be equipped to conquer conflict, improve communication, build intimacy and achieve restoration in your marriage.