Pain is a map

Decide to face your journey with courage and resolve the sources of pain in your heart.



Could your heartache lead you to newfound comfort?
Could your distress plot the course to a place of confidence and certainty?
Could your trauma draft a blueprint to calmness and freedom?

Emotional pain does not have to be wasted. It can serve as a map leading you to healed heart, hope, and effortless joy. Can you imagine your pain helping you? Leading you to the place where you need to be? Instead of avoiding pain, we suggest that you notice where you are experiencing emotional sensitivity or heartache and ask God to meet you there.

Do you live with emotional pain?

Every single person has experienced some form of pain or degree of trauma that affects their relationships. Facing your pain will help you lessen or even eliminate the buttons or triggers that bring strain that cause you to overreact in certain situations. We want to help you visit your memories of pain, and offer a strategy to eliminate the effects your heartache has had on your relationships.

Everything we understand about God, and how He created heaven points us to realize that we were created to live in pleasure….happiness! God has given us everything for our pleasure and enjoyment. God never intended that we experience pain. His remedy for us in this broken world is to heal our broken hearts. And as He loves us perfectly, we can love those around us very well.  

Your pain may be the result of:

  • Your own choices

  • Somebody else’s choices

  • Loss or tragedy

Instead of silently resolving that you are going to have to “live with this pain” and adopt this as your normal condition, consider an invitation for God to re-write your memories and help you enjoy your relationships like never before.  

The Benefit of Moving Towards your Pain

Most people haven’t taken advantage of their pain, because it is our natural reaction to avoid pain at all costs. Most people automatically avoid their perception of pain. If you believe that a certain person will cause you pain, you will subconsciously move away from relationship and connection with that person. The opposite of pain is pleasure. By default, you will move towards everything and everyone that promises satisfaction to your perceived sense of pleasure.

There is nothing that brings us more pleasure than healthy, safe, honest and joy-filled relationships. It’s worth the “internal work” of getting your broken heart healed so that you can be the best you for your spouse, family members, and friends.  

Pain is:

  • An indication of something deeper beneath the surface

  • An invitation to encounter Jesus to heal your broken heart

Decide to face your journey with courage and resolve the sources of pain in your heart. There is creative power within your new beginning.

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