Layers of an Apology: Series Intro

Becoming an genius-expert at truly apologizing is a life-long journey, but it’s worth every second of investment.



Nothing could be closer to our heart than the people that are most important to us. And yet it’s the ones closest that often get the worst version of ourselves. Since none of us are perfect in our relationships, one of the most important skills we can develop is a course correction. It’s crucial to recognize when a mistake is a mistake, to learn from our indiscretions, and then to change course and learn the deep lessons of walking in love. Unfortunately, when it comes to being disappointed, we are creatures of habit. So in our daily relationships, we fall into ruts of messing up and then taking the same path we did last time which leads to the same dead end. And then we do it again. And again. And again.

The good news is, you’re starting to notice. And you can change what you notice! Navigating disappointment and taking personal responsibility is the first step in course correction. After experiencing God’s love, receiving his mercy and then sending the offense away, you now can explore how you will approach your loved one. You may not even have a conversation, but rather treat them with mercy and give them your best, and change your attitude and mood. Maybe you will be intentional about recognizing how different you are when it comes to love that lands and start learning more about how they receive love. Maybe, just maybe, you need to apologize.  

If it’s time to apologize, we couldn’t be more passionate about showing you the ropes. For most of the years in our marriage, we didn’t apologize well, and made the apology more about…”I’m sorry, I realize I did this, but I didn’t mean to. Will you forgive me?” You’ll learn in today’s episode that apologies like that are not a true effective apology, and there are simple layers of an apology that have the potential to radically heal the unresolved conflict that you are living with. Becoming an expert at truly apologizing is a life-long journey, but it’s worth every second of investment. True heart connection can be yours. And it’s never too late.

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