Marriage 911: Moving past the pain


Relationship eCourse by Drs. Bob and Audrey Meisner

Don’t miss this opportunity to find the rescue in your story. 



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Enjoy the eCourse wherever you have internet access on any device.


8 Video classes
This eCourse is extensive and unrestricted.


Lifetime access
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Corresponding workbook
Follow each class with overviews and exercises.

What's included

VIDEO LESSONS: Eight complete lessons.  Bob and Audrey lead you through the painful feelings, the trust questions and how forgiveness really works, taking you to a place of connection and safety.

CLASS WORKBOOK: Each lesson comes with notes and assignments to ensure that this is personal for you, helping you feel understood and giving you the tools you need to have the conversations that lead to feeling whole again.

MEDITATIVE MP3'S: Corresponding audio attached to this course. These audios are designed to bring you comfort and understanding congruent to the course objectives.

EBOOK: MARRIAGE UNDER COVER: This is our story. Learn how to cover your marriage and protect your family. Rediscover how to become irresistible to your spouse. Learn how to make your marriage thrive in a culture of quiet desperation. Take cover! Don't leave your marriage unprotected!

DISCOUNT ON "GREAT MARRIAGES START HERE!" ($100): This is an extensive relationship eCourse that would greatly benefit you after completing Marriage 911. By the time you have completed our “Great Marriage Start Here” eCourse, you can expect to be laughing together, ending painful cycles and gaining the skills to help other couples.

This course is designed for you if:

  • You want practical solutions to get past the pain of a crisis
  • You want to prevent a divorce
  • You want to trust each other again
  • You want to rest in true forgiveness
  • You are ready to heal old wounds in your marriage


Hear from other couples

I had an affair, confessed it to my husband and we were completely lost and afraid. We didn’t know where to turn. We took the course and then signed up for personal relationship consulting with Bob and Audrey over Skype. We have made it through, and are extremely grateful for how much love and support we have felt through this difficult season.
It was fifteen years since my husband had an affair. Even though we stayed together, we didn’t know how to talk about it.   We never hashed out the pain that entered our relationship.  When I saw this course, I didn’t know if it would apply to us, and I never dreamed that my husband would actually agree to take it.  Long story short, we feel so connected.  Class #4 was the most emotional.  Something broke inside both of us as we faced each other and talked through the layers…I am so thankful for Bob and Audrey, but mostly grateful for my husband – that he was willing to do the courageous work of getting past this together.
Our marriage was basically over. We were ready to sign the divorce papers and be done. Someone told us about Bob and Audrey and their system of helping relationships. Long story short, it’s been two months since we completed the course, and people don’t even recognize us because we are laughing together, and we feel like a team again. Whew! What a relief to be on this road of loving each other again.
I highly recommend the Marriage 911 Course.   We found Bob and Audrey on YouTube, and when we saw that there was an actual course, we downloaded it immediately.  Please don’t go through this alone. We felt so much genuine love and care as we watched the videos. We had both had affairs, and figured we were a lost cause. We completed the workbook and we had every directed conversation.  It wasn’t necessarily easy, but now I am connected with my wife on levels that I didn’t think possible, and I even encountered God in ways I had never experienced Him before. This was the best way I could have invested my time and money. It’s been several months, and we are on a whole new level of loving life together.

(Watch Bob and Audrey's Story)


We have been helping people just like you for over fifteen years.  After 17 years of marriage, we experienced a huge crisis that could have likely ended in divorce.  We felt devastated, alone, and we didn’t have any answers of how to get over the trauma and pain. You can watch the whole story here, but this is the important part.  Instead of running away, leaving the marriage, or escaping through addiction, we chose the road to restoration. Along the way, and through the years (and tears) we learned invaluable lessons and strategies and started helping others get through their seemingly impossible situations. 

Now, today, after helping thousands of couples discover phenomenal love, no matter what situation they are in, we want to be personally involved in helping you because your marriage and family is worth it.



What if the betrayal was NOT a sexual affair, does this course still apply to us?

Absolutely. When trust is broken (however it has happened in your situation) you need a way to to objectively look at your relationship. In light  present circumstances there is wisdom to be found in these 8 classes that, when applied can heal and strengthen the trust within your marriage.  

What if my spouse isn’t willing to get help, can I do this course alone?

There are no magic cure-alls for someone who is not willing to work or put forth any honest effort.  However, we have hope for you, and are so thankful for your willingness to do your part to fight for your marriage.  It’s optimal to take the course together, and each class has a “together as a couple” exercise to complete, but this is not mandatory.  In fact, there have been individuals that have taken this course who are already separated or divorced, and they have seen a tremendous shift in their relationship (and even reconciliation) after completing the course alone. 

Is there someone to help if I need clarification during the course?

Yes!  Bob and Audrey are available for private consultation for any questions that come up during the course.  Please note that there is an extra charge for this service, and is subject to availability.  Many couples choose to book one hour with Bob and Audrey after they have completed the course to bring personal and individual clarity to their plan for restoration.  Appointments take place through phone calls, Skype and FaceTime.

What if the betrayal happened a long time ago?

Even if a betrayal was confessed and “brought to light” years prior, the very fact that you’re considering this course may be an indicator of the residue of its effects.  We highly recommend anyone who has experienced betrayal to work through this class. It will encourage you to have the conversations that bring you to new places of safety and peace. Each class is designed to bring newfound connection as you move forward,  resolving the buried pain of the past. 

How long will it take to complete the course?

You are on your own time schedule, but allow about an hour for each class.  After watching each video, it’s important to take time to complete the questions in the workbook, and allow time for conversation to connect.  
In crisis, you want as much help, solutions and comfort as possible, so some might want to power through each class in order to establish foundations of truth and hope.  In this case, doing as many classes in a few days is recommended.   However, it is highly advisable that you complete the course again, taking time between each class to let the information and heart-work “settle in” and compete it’s work in the deepest part of your heart.
True transformation takes time with intention.   That’s why we highly recommend the “Great Marriages Start Here” eCourse, to continue your healing journey and give you further tools for your relationship. (32 classes) 

What if I change my mind after I buy the “Marriage 911” course, is there a refund available?

Absolutely.  We are so confident that you will receive lasting benefit from this course, that we are more than happy to provide a refund if it’s not everything you hoped it would be.  Our primary goal is to help people get the help they need for their marriage and family.  (Our only refund policy is that you email with your request and explanation within 30 days of purchase).