About marriage intensives


Why a Marriage Intensive?

The future holds limitless possibilities! The more you enjoy and love your marriage, the more you can be free to love life and fulfill purpose together!

It’s almost impossible to love married life amidst unresolved disappointments and brokenness.  (And we all have them to a degree) But every step we take towards finding each other and connecting to God together leads to a whole lot of peace (less stress) and joy (more smiling, laughing together and loving life).

Hope and a new Beginning

Living with constant relationship pain causes us to hide, numb ourselves with addictions and seek escape from each other.  Discovering hope in the middle of chaos is like grabbing a life preserver in the middle of an ocean.  There is relief, you can breathe easier, and you can be led to safety.  At Love Married Life we have hope for every single person.  No exceptions.  No problems too big.  Nobody disqualified.  

Feeling misunderstood and living with a challenging person can eventually result in desperation.  And desperate people do shocking things.  Why not make the plunge, choose a date and come to a Love Married Life Intensive.  You are valuable and you are worth it.  And your kids and your generations to come will be directly affected by your choice to love.

Who should attend?

Every married couple.  The entire spectrum: Young, old, those with fantastic relationships, those who are feeling messed-up with no hope. Couples who want to help others, couples in crisis.  Every person has an opportunity to go home stronger, assured of their personal identity and rich with an experience in God’s presence.  

When it comes to life-long relationships, the messages of our culture will mess up our thinking and promote selfishness…why not learn how to live out the real secrets to loving each other effortlessly that are founded in scripture and God’s Word?! Life becomes simple and safe to the point where you will wake up smiling.  (We believe in Miracles).

upcoming dates

There are currently no intensives schedules at the moment. Please inquire here as new dates and locations are being considered.